Over 30 years experience
Design & Construction  

Built Vision prepares original designs for every project. These designs are based on your requirements and are developed in full consultation with you. We incorporate allowances for all factors affecting the design and building process:

  • The weather - correct solar orientation, minimum overshadowing, cross ventilation, external spaces sheltered from prevailing wind, sunshine & shade - summer to winter
  • Site Conditions - Existing views,topography, soil conditions, stormwater run-off, existing vegetation, boundary lines, minimum excavation, location of existing services, potential overlooking concerns, site access for motor vehicles and construction.
  • Engineering and footing design - floor, wall and roofing designed to allow for articulated footing systems, protection of foundations from extremes of weather, location of buildings in relation to significant trees.
  • Location of services -depth for drainage of waste water, adequacy for anticipated load, underground where possible.
  • Appearance - relation to streetscape, simple and clean design & detailing, vistas, focal points, colour and light & shade, contemporary design, proportions.
  • Cost Control – use of construction techniques to minimise construction time and costs, scheduling and budgeting, fixed price quotations for each stage of the project from conception, through interim development approval, final development approval and construction.
  • Planning legislation – attention to zoning requirements, set-backs, environmental controls, useable open space, heritage requirements
  • Development Assessment - presentation to and negotiation with development assessment body and all government agencies
  • Documentation – Use of Autocad ensures accurate and clear documents to industry standards
  • Material Choice – appearance, durability, serviceability, thermal and acoustic insulation values, performance against cost, compatibility
  • Construction Management – project organization with tight time lines, site management, all insurances maintained, labour and materials coordination, safety, maintenance and supervision of high standards of workmanship, cash flow management
  • After Sales Service – provision of as-built drawings, timely attendance to all defects, maintenance and operating instruction provided.
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